Aaron Donald Donda Sports Kanye West

Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams discussed why he joined with Kanye West's 

Donda Sports during an interview on the I AM ATHLETE podcast. "I believe it's a great chance to

become engaged in a lot of various things outside of football that I want to be interested in, that I 

want to do, that my wife wants to do," Donald added. "So being a part of it, and being one of the 

greatest first athletes to be a part of it, that's really awesome." We're thrilled about it, and we'll see 

where it takes us." Donald stated that his wife handles his marketing and that Donda Sports has a 

"family environment." He also claimed to have met West, who allegedly tried to convince Donald to 

feature in one of his music videos. One of the first sportsmen to sign with the brand was free 

agency wide receiver Antonio Brown, a close friend of West's.

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