Radeon 6700 Pulse graphics card is now available 

Radeon 6700 Pulse graphics card is now available through merchants, just a week after Sapphire announced it.

GPU-Z software and maybe the updated drivers already support the AMD Sapphire Radeon 

6700 Pulse graphics card. It appears to be compatible with the driver version 22.3.1. It has 2304 

Stream Processors, 144 Texture Units, and 64 ROPs, according to GPU-Z. Furthermore, the program validates the memory 

configuration's uncommon 10 GB GDDR6 memory operating on a 160-bit memory bus. The GPU boost frequency 

of 2450 MHz on the card is supposedly lower than the official 2495 MHz published by Sapphire.

Surprisingly, the Sapphire Radeon 6700 has virtually similar specifications to the BC-2235 mining card, 

which is also supplied by Sapphire. The lack of an RX brand and specs that are close to AMD's BlockChain series might indicate that 

Sapphire is just selling its mining cards, which, unfortunately, did not sell following the recent crypto-crash.

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