Azealia Banks Pride Concert Meltdown

Azealia Banks claims she's being screwed off, and despite the fact that her rage appears to 

be directed towards fans, she took it out on them at a Pride concert in Miami. Azealia was onstage for 

the Wynwood Pride concert early Saturday morning, about 3 a.m., and she was TIRED of being 

there. The controversial rapper began shouting about promoters jerking her about over her set 

timings and whether she was the headliner, while she performed with her boobs all the way out.

"I'm actually not delighted to be here," she boldly declared to the gathering. However, it 

appears that the event organisers had had enough, since when Azealia expressed her 

dissatisfaction by declaring, "I genuinely don't want to f***ing be here," her mike was shut off.

That enraged her even more, so she did a perfect mic drop... and stormed off the stage in a fury.

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