Biggest, Brightest Strawberry Moon 

For stargazers in the northeastern United States and eastern Canada, the moon will 

obscure the dazzling double star Delta Scorpii. The Delta Scorpii binary star system 

(Dschubba is the main) is located in the constellation Scorpius. Its occultation by the moon 

occurs just a few days before the full moon on Tuesday (June 14). The Full Strawberry Moon (Full moon June 2022) 

occurs in June and occurs as the moon approaches perigee, or its closest point to Earth in its monthly 

orbit. According to NASA, this will make it a supermoon, earning it the moniker "Strawberry 

Supermoon of 2022." The precise timing of the event changes based on your location, so use a 

skywatching app like SkySafari or software like Starry Night to find out when it will happen.

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