How Many Kids Does Nick Cannon Have

Nick Cannon's name has become synonymous with having children.

Nick Cannon famously credited his desire to have children to "the joy of parenting."

We've got you covered if you've been keeping track of Nick's endeavor to spread his seed among 

attractive ladies. Nick now has a total of nine children, thanks to Abby's bun in the oven. As a 

result, one simple but crucial issue remains: why does Nick Cannon keep having kids? Indeed, 

social media users have been clamoring for explanations as to why Nick appears to be hell-

bent on raising his own army of children. However, the business magnate explained that having so 

many children is simply "the glory of parenting," and that he would like to have between 10 and 12 

children.Nick discussed why he can't seem to stop having babies in an interview with The Breakfast 

Club on August 9, 2021. Nick went on to say that after suffering through so much in his life, he has now found peace with his children.

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